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Sweet 16 - Mike Russell

Sweet 16 - Mike Russell

Mike Russell (England) today lifted his 16th World Billiards title. Playing in the final of timed event of 2011 IBSF Wor... Read more

Monday, 5 September 2011

Mike joins the 1000+ Club

Mike joins the 1000+ Club

On the opening day of the world billiards championship when Mike Russell beat Indian legend Geet Sethi, in the point for... Read more

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Russell The Emperor

Russell The Emperor

The emperor of English Billiards, Mike Russell, has proved again, why he is chosen as an emperor. The final of the IBSF ... Read more

Monday, 23 August 2010

Shender - Official IBSF Table Sponsor

Shender - Official IBSF Table Sponsor

On 2nd May 2010 in China Pascal Guillaume, President of the IBSF, and the President of Shender, Mr Kevin Huang, signed t... Read more

Sunday, 2 May 2010

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Billiards News
Billiards News
World Billiards Championships 2010
with Vivek Pathak, IBSF Media Officer

On the opening day of the world billiards championship when Mike Russell beat Indian legend Geet Sethi, in the point format, he said ‘I don’t forget good victories and bad losses’. A year after losing the world pro title against Pankaj Advani at home, he completed a grand double of world titles, thrashing Peter Gilchrist in the final. It was a lop-sided 6 hours affair, in which Russell’s versatility was on full display as he smashed a break of 1137 in 67 minutes. With this 1137 he joined the elite 1000+ Group with Michael Ferreira (1149), Geet Sethi (1276) and Peter Gilchrist (1346). He was not satisfied with this and again after few visits, he smashed another 735 leaving his opponent Peter Gilchrist way behind.

Mike made his intentions very clear from the first session that he did not want to let it go at any cost and this was reflected in his three consecutive breaks of 281, 324 and 281 in 7th, 8th and 10th visits taking a lead of 634 points at the end of first session.

But, Pune was not satisfied with his 600+ breaks in almost every match of the time format and wanted something more and the best was yet to come and Mike, keeping the aspirations high of Puneites fulfilled the dream of every billiards lover by smashing a massive 1137 break in the second session. This 1137 put him way ahead of Peter and Peter was mere spectator. Once Russell crossed the 1000 mark, everyone was expecting him to surpass the 1346 Record break made by Peter two years back, but he missed out of position on 1137 and all three balls comes in a line on the top cushion. Mike tried a pull back white in-off and missed. Every one present in the hall gave a standing ovation to the emperor of English Billiards.

Mike’s hunger did not end here, as in next visit after this massive 1137 he settled again on table and crafted another 735 break followed by 439 in his last visit before sealing the match in his favour with a huge difference of 3336 points.

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