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Sweet 16 - Mike Russell

Sweet 16 - Mike Russell

Mike Russell (England) today lifted his 16th World Billiards title. Playing in the final of timed event of 2011 IBSF Wor... Read more

Monday, 5 September 2011

Mike joins the 1000+ Club

Mike joins the 1000+ Club

On the opening day of the world billiards championship when Mike Russell beat Indian legend Geet Sethi, in the point for... Read more

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Russell The Emperor

Russell The Emperor

The emperor of English Billiards, Mike Russell, has proved again, why he is chosen as an emperor. The final of the IBSF ... Read more

Monday, 23 August 2010

Shender - Official IBSF Table Sponsor

Shender - Official IBSF Table Sponsor

On 2nd May 2010 in China Pascal Guillaume, President of the IBSF, and the President of Shender, Mr Kevin Huang, signed t... Read more

Sunday, 2 May 2010

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Billiards News
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Mike Russell (England) today lifted his 16th World Billiards title. Playing in the final of timed event of 2011 IBSF World Billiards championship here in Carlow he thrashed Matthew Bolton of Australia with a winning margin of 2482 points.

Selecting the yellow ball after lag, Mike allowed Matthew to start with white and after couple of shots Matthew managed to score first break of 70 points when he missed a follow thru cannon. Mike replied with 88 points break and then onwards his breaks of 257 and 566 were more than enough outplaying Matthew. He did not stop there and kept going with another big break. But time had to stop and Mike was on 478 unfinished at the end of first session. The score was 1514-209 in favour of Mike after the first session was over.

In the second session, Mike couldn't convert his unfinished 478 into much bigger and missed on 506. Meanwhile, Matthew managed to score two meager breaks of 79 and 138 but that was very tiny in front of huge score constructed by Mike. His hunger for scores produced two more breaks of 249 and 340 to give a mammoth winning margin.

Somehow, he was also looking to surpass 831, the high break of the tournament, which Matthew set last night he gave another big break. There was no flaw in this break and all were waiting for him to cross the high break but on a score of 585 he voluntarily declared a foul, which occurred by touching cue-ball while feathering the cue. This foul was unnoticed by anyone including referee.

Finally 10 minutes before the match over, Matthew, who already knew he lost, conceded the match and shook hands with Mike congratulating him for his 16th World Billiards title (6th IBSF).

Thrilled with the victory, Mike gave credit to his technique and dedications towards the billiards. He also congratulated Matthew for his performance in the championship. Though today was not his day but he is a very potential player. He has placed himself in the top 6 Billiards players of the world. Mike told.

On the other side, disappointed Matthew admitted that he got couple of chances in the start but couldn't convert into something big. It is my fault only that I missed the chances I got. When he finished the 566 break and already on 400+ in the next, I knew there is no chance for me, Matthew said.

Mike also congratulated Jim Leacy and the entire team of IBSF, Referees and all other associated for giving a wonderful championship. He especially thanked Jim Leacy for last minute call to host the IBSF World Billiards Championship for the year 2011.

Final Results:

Mike Russell (ENG) 3001-519 Matthew Bolton (AUS)

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