Another 64 players turned out for the final CueWorld Classic for 2011. This was our 5th event for 2011 and as per normal it was a success for the players, venue and organizers. CueWorld offered the players an opportunity to be in the share of $2500 cash.

As is customary with a CueWorld event, our side events are always popular which are sponsored by the NSWPBA like Pot the Lot, Speed Pool, Big Break and Jump Challenge. The CueWorld raffles generated a lot of interest, which is great to see, this shows us that there is a continual appetite for these types of promotions.

We would like to acknowledge a few people:

Mark, Jackie & staff of the L.A Tavern have supported this event throughout 2011 and we look forward to a bright and exciting future in 2012. Special mention that the air conditioning was FROSTY over the weekend, we could not help notice some players rubbing their arms to keep warm...a humorous sight.

The NSWPBA have always worked well with CueWorld and have continued to support our events as we do theirs and it's great to have the official state body working alongside companies like ours in propelling the game forward in NSW - special mention to Fleur Williamson who gives up her time to not only play in the events but is always happy to lend a hand when needed.

Predator have been one of our main supporters and we continue forge stronger relationships with the No.1 cue brand in the world and will always strive to have Predator group products for raffles and on sale, don't forget CueWorld is Predator's largest dealer in Australia.

Race to 4 
WPA Rules 8 Ball
Lag for the Break - Alternate Break - Rack your Own

Now onto the results for the weekend

Semi Final
Jono Calleja def Mhacky Antony
Joe Sabia def Joe Osai

Jono Calleja def Joe Sabia

All were close matches.

Note to ALL players "Shot Clock" this is within the tournament guidelines and can be requested by any player in a match that feels there are continual delays or excessive time used to make shots or addressing the table. Once called both players are on the clock for the remainder of the match, so use with caution. The shot clock is 45 seconds with a warning at 30 seconds. Exceeding the shot clock results in a loss of shot and ball in hand to the opponent.

We hope to see new players at our next event in the new year and we will be launching something new in 2012!

Yours in Pool,

Stuart "RackRunner" Rogers
James "Diamond Jim" Roberts