Young Gun from the Gold Coast takes out the 1st CueWorld Classic 8 Ball event held over 29th-30th August 2010 at the L.A's Tavern in St Marys. We filled the 64 player draw in a matter of days, with many new faces adding to the mix of the regular players in and around Sydney's pool community.

James and I firstly want to acknowledge our partners who put up with us having late night meetings and our precious spare time taken up with CueWorld business…thanks ladies. 

We had plenty of helpers and staff there to try and run the event smoothly so thanks to Jason Dimitri, Greg Jenkins, Terry McMillan, Kris Sparks & his lovely wife Lynne.

I would also like to mention that the ongoing support of the Barry Mavros, Fleur Williamson and Alex Waddell and Britney who al put there hand up in one manner or another to assist CueWorld on the weekend.

Special mention to our friends from CueBall T.V – cheers Kymo always welcome at our events mate.

Our friend Sam Phipps came up with those fantastic score sheets and all those wonderful stats, Sam conducted the initial draw for us as a complete impartial 3rd party and I will ask Sam to provide some more insight into what some of those numbers mean…there was plenty of them.

We would like to acknowledge our Sponsors 

  1. L.A's Tavern
  2. Venue Music Systems
  3. Predator Cues
  4. NSWPBA 

Congratulations to Maher El Omari for being the lucky recipient of the Predator Ikon raffle!

The side events were an idea that CueWorld thought we could replicate what we had seen in Vegas when competing in the BCA Nationals this year. We are grateful for the positive player feedback and we had no doubt that these would be a fresh change to the average tournament that occurs in Australia – I guess our motto has always been ‘Bringing the best to the table’ and we hope to bring these back bigger and better next time.

Would appreciate any feedback from players on the Diamond Smart table.

Just a reminder to ALL players you must pay your entry fee prior to the cut off date and the list will fill fast so make sure you watch these forums,  Facebook groups or speak to our CueWorld team to secure your spot.

As for the tournament results…

Winner - Craig Stevens
R/Up - Travis Crawley
Semis - Paul Bayly & Beni Lapavie

Craig outplayed everyone he met in the finals matches and handled himself extremely well in some difficult circumstances.

As for some of the unsavoury events and unsportsmanlike conduct, CueWorld will be reviewing all these incidents and will be responding formally in a timely manner. One thing ALL players should be reminded of - READ YOUR CODE OF CONDUCT THAT YOU SIGNED.

I may post a discussion later regarding rules, correct conduct and good sportsmanship. The next time when I do my opening address I will cover these off with the crowd of players and hope that ALL players will pay FULL attention (ask questions if need be) and ALL agree to have a great time win or loose.

Remember always conduct yourself in the right manner whether playing or as a spectator. Pool in Australia will only go forward if we do it together with respect, courtesy and good sportsmanlike conduct.

Yours in Pool,

Stuart 'RackRunner' Rogers
James 'DiamondJim' Roberts