CueWorld Interview with the Korean Dragon CHARLIE WILLIAMS - Greg Jenkins


GJ. Hi Charlie, thanks for talking with CueWorld Today. 
My pleasure CW……….. 

GJ. Congratulations on your successes in your playing career and in the promotional side as well. 

GJ. What would be your proudest achievement on the table to date.  
As a player a few come to mind. winning the BCA Open my first ESPN televised title. Playing Mosconi cup 5 yrs in a row for USA and winning 4x. As a producer our Womens World 10-Ball was a fantastic event with 2000 people watching it live everyday, and training Yu Ram Cha into a world class champion as well as pool star. But a milestone for me was creating a billiard boom in Korea from scratch through Dragon Promotions, the company I founded. 

GJ. How did you begin playing pool.  
I saw Mike Sigel do a exhibition when I was 12

GJ. When you started who did you look up to as a player.   
Max Eberle was a top junior and good friend. Also Sigel and local players Kenny Miller, Kurt Hare, Ikey Maynard.

GJ. Who do you look up to now as a player.  
I like Nick Varners mental approach and attitude towards the sport.

GJ. Who is the best player you have seen.  
Bustamante probably the most impressive. For awhile, George "Ginky" San Souci was a near perfect player before his back surgeries. Steve Knight was also impressive

GJ. You list one of your hobbies as the gym. How important is being fit, when playing at the top level in pool. 
Now days it is vital. 10 yrs ago and before that, not as much so.

GJ. With your off table commitments and your playing of events, how do you balance time to practise.  
haha easy question. I don't practice.

GJ. What sort of things do you practise.  
Mostly preparation mentally. Physically I don't practice often. Going gym and playing sports like tennis keeps my hand eye coordination in check

GJ. What do you still want to achieve in Pool     
Mainly like to make our events bigger and better every time to help grow the sport

GJ. How much time do you spend between Korea and the US.   
At first 5 years ago I traveled every 4-6 weeks there, but our General manager and staff there are good and the need for me to go is not as often.

GJ. Have you been to Australia. 
No, but Id love to go, find me a sponsor

GJ. Could you see a Dragon Promotion Event here in Australia   
Would love to explore the idea.

GJ. You have achieved so much with Dragon Promotion, what are some of the key ingredients for being a successful Pool Promotions Company.      
The fans must be happy. The players have to be happy. The Sponsors have to be happy. The TV network must be happy. The promoter must be happy . The event must show a profit for all. If one of those things missing, its unsuccessful. If you cover it all, then pat yourself on the back

GJ. What advise would you give to players wanting to be World Class like yourself.    
Persistence and resilience are requirements. Never give up, and never let people tell you what you can or cannot do

Final Comment. It’s been a real pleasure chatting with you Charlie, thankyou very much for your time and talking with CueWorld and myself. I hope you continue with your playing successes and that Dragon Promotions keeps growing and perhaps expands to include an event in Australia. I look forward to Chatting with some of your other DP player representatives, like Mika Immonen, Raj Hundal, Thorston Hommann and of course Jeannette Lee. Once again Charlie, thankyou very much and I hope to catch up with you in person soon.   
Thank you !