As with many businesses these days KPI’s(or Key Performance Indicators) are used to show how the different areas of the business are doing. These indicators are put in place to allow management to measure the performance of certain sectors and then using the results they can better travel towards goals that they are trying to achieve.

Similarly in Cue sports you can put these KPI’s into your practice and also into your tournament match play so you can measure your performances and be able to track towards goals that you or your coach have set. Once these measures are in place it will allow you to know where you are and then by adjusting these KPI’s you can start to improve and be in control of your game, which is vital to achieving success.

One way to get started is during practice write down a series of routines and give yourself 10 attempts of each routine. For example set up a straight pot 3 foot from the pocket and place the balls 3 foot apart. Do it 10 times and record the results. Then after 10 attempts add up the total number of successful pots and divide the total by 10, and will give you an average and be your KPI scorecard for this exercise.

3 foot straight pots

Eg. First 10 attempts = 8 pots… +9 more sets of 10 attempts = for 73 pots. Your KPI is 7.3 for this and then you have something to measure your skill level. You can now do this anytime and try to better your average or KPI. By doing this with a number of different exercises you can start to see where your game is at and see areas that require more work to bring up your KPI’s to a level that will achieve you more success.

With the above example I would also then have a 4 foot, 5 foot shot and so on to break up your game in many parts and not limit yourself to only one type of long straight pot.

Many players tell me they do not know what to practice and get bored with the limited exercises they do. Here is the best way to avoid being bored and as well as getting to really know your own game in many different areas.

Good potting

Greg Jenkins