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Diamond League Survey Results
Last Post 08 Jan 2018 08:27 PM by Nelle Torres. 1 Replies.
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20 May 2012 06:49 AM
    Diamond League Survey Results
    1 In the Diamond League Las Vegas Showdown, should the Final match be Double Elimination or winner takes all?

    58% of those surveyed said Double Elimination

    2 Should we use Magic Racks for Tournament and Finals to ensure consistent racks?

    68% Yes

    3 Will you be able to commit to both weekends of the Las Vegas Showdown?

    79% Yes

    4 Would you like an End of Year Presentation?

    87% Yes

    5 If Yes to question 4.  How much would you be willing to pay?

    43% Said $50

    6 Is the CueWorld Diamond League good value for money?

    92% Yes

    7 Do you like the Match Format? i.e. 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Scotch Doubles and Double Point Rounds

    Yes 94%

    8 Do you like the Grading System?

    84% Yes

    9 Do you like the Grand Ladder System?

    86% Yes

    10 If your team wins the CueWorld Diamond League Las Vegas Showdown will you be:  Taking Cash or Las Vegas Trip?

    81% Take the Las Vegas Trip

    11 Would you be interested in travelling to Las Vegas to compete in the BCA Championships in July 2013, even if you do not qualify by winning one of the Diamond League events?

    57% Yes would consider travelling to Las Vegas with winning teams

    12 When the number of teams increase in subsequent seasons would you like to see: More Money distributed to the players, More Trips to Las Vegas, Free End of year Function and Reduced Weekly Fees

    43% More $$
    41% More trips to Las Vegas

    92% of league players were polled for this survey

    Nelle TorresUser is Offline
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    Nelle Torres

    08 Jan 2018 08:27 PM
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