Australian Open Snooker
Australian Open Snooker
National Snooker Championships Honour Board
Year Venue Winner Runner Up Highest Break
2016 Sydney (NSW) Roger Farebrother (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Steve Mifsud (Vic) 135
2015 Sydney (NSW) Charlie Chafe (Vic) Matthew Bolton (WA) James Mifsud (Vic) 119
2014 Sydney (NSW) Aaron Mahoney (Vic) Roger Farebrother (NSW) Roger Farebrother (NSW) 120
2013 Sydney (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Alan McCarthy (NSW) Steve Ebejer (Vic) 127
2012 Sydney (NSW) Shawn Budd (NSW) Vinnie Calabrese (NSW) Vinnie Calabrese (NSW) 136
2011 Sydney (NSW) Rudy Sulaeman (Vic) Aaron Mahoney (Vic) Glen Wilkinson (NSW) 131
2010 Sydney (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Vinnie Calabrese (Vic) Steve Mifsud (Vic) 140
2009 Sydney (NSW) Shawn Budd (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Steve Mifsud (Vic) 143
2008 Sydney (NSW) Dene O'Kane (NZ) Stuart Lawler (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) 131
2007 Sydney (NSW) Glen Wilkinson (NSW) Stuart Lawler (NSW) Stuart Lawler (NSW) 99
2006 Sydney (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Dene O'Kane (NZ) Steve Mifsud (Vic)
Dene O'Kane (NZ)
2005 Sydney (NSW) Dene O'Kane (NZ) Glen Wilkinson (NSW) Dene O'Kane (NZ) 122
2004 Sydney (NSW) Shawn Budd (NSW) Aaron Mahoney (Vic) Tyson Crinis (NSW) 123
2003 Sydney (NSW) Aaron Mahoney (Vic) Johl Younger (Vic) Stuart Lawler (NSW) 141
2002 Sydney (NSW) Neil Robertson (Vic) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Neil Robertson (Vic) 131
2001 Sydney (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Paul Bunt (WA) Steve Mifsud (Vic) 120
2000 Sydney (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Tony Kook (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) 141
1999 Sydney (NSW) Shawn Budd (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Frank Karaberas (NSW) 119
1998 Sydney (NSW) Stuart Lawler (NSW) Glen Wilkinson (NSW) Warren King (SA) 138
1997 Sydney (NSW) Steve Mifsud (Vic) Stan Gorski (Vic) Steve Mifsud (Vic) 111
1995 Melbourne (Vic) Anthony Hamilton (Eng) Chris Small (Sco) Anthony Hamilton (Eng) 144
1994 Melbourne (Vic) John Higgins (Sco) Willie Thorne (Eng) John Higgins (Sco) 144
1993 Albury (NSW) Steve Waterer (NSW) Danny Love (NSW) Roger Farebrother (NSW) 97
1992 Gold Coast (Qld) Stan Gorski (Vic) Peter Hawkes (Vic) Stan Gorski (Vic) 133
1991 Adelaide (SA) David Collins (Vic) Quinten Hann (Vic) Shawn Budd (NSW) 115
1990 Sydney (NSW) Craig Duffy (Qld) Nick Vasic (NSW) Craig Duffy (Qld) 106
1989 Perth (WA) Stan Gorski (Vic) Barry Saxon (WA) Stan Gorski (Vic) 103
1988 Launceston (Tas) Jim Bonner (WA) Stan Gorski (Vic) Stan Gorski (Vic) 116
1987 Melbourne (Vic) Peter Hawkes (Vic) Roger Farebrother (NSW) Gary Lackenby (NSW) 103
1986 Brisbane (Qld) Geoff Miller (NSW) Peter Hawkes (Vic) Ron Atkins (Tas) 119
1985 Coomealla (NSW) Jim Bonner (SA) Phil Tarrant (NSW) Roger Farebrother (NSW) 111
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