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National and Oceania Championships
National and Oceania Championships
National and Oceania Championships Honour Board
Year Oceania Australian Nationals Aus National Womens Australian Open Aus Open Womens
2012 Ben Judge   Kathy Parashis
2011 Joe Minici Steve Mifsud Shirley Smith
Rudy Sulaeman Kathy Parashis
2010 Shawn Budd Steve Mifsud Kathy Parashis
Steve Mifsud Vidya Pillai (India)
2009 Glen Wilkinson Glen Wilkinson Margaret Gorski Shawn Budd Kathy Parashis
2008 Glen Wilkinson Ben Judge Linda Lucas
Dene O'Kane Chitra Magimairaj (India)
2007 Dene O'Kane Glen Wilkinson Kathy Parashis
Glen Wilkinson Tanya Harrison
2006 Dene O'Kane Robbie Foldvari  
Steve Mifsud Kathy Parashis
2005   Vinnie Calabrese Kathy Parashis
Dene O'Kane Kathy Parashis
2004   Steve Mifsud Tammy Cantoni Shawn Budd Kathy Parashis
2003   Steve Mifsud Kathy Parashis
Aaron Mahoney Kathy Parashis
2002   Steve Mifsud   Neil Robertson  
2001   Shawn Budd
  Steve Mifsud  
2000   Not Held
  Steve Mifsud  
1999   Shawn Budd
  Shawn Budd  
1998  Shawn Budd
Shawn Budd
  Stuart Lawler  
1997       Steve Mifsud  
1996       Not Held  
1995       Anthony Hamilton  
1994       John Higgins  
1993       Steve Waterer  
1992       Stan Gorski  
1991       David Collins  
1990       Craig Duffy  
1989       Stan Gorski  
1988       Jim Bonner  
1987       Peter Hawkes  
1986       Geoff Miller  
1985       Jim Bonner  
1984       Glen Wilkinson  
1983       Gary Lackenby  
1982       James Giannaros  
1981       Warren King  
1980       Warren King  
1979       John Campbell  
1978       Kevin Burles  
1977       Ron Atkins  
1976       Ron Atkins  
1975       Ron Atkins  
1974       Lou Condo  
1973       Max Williams  
1972       Max Williams  
1971       Max Williams  
1970       Max Williams  
1969       Bill Barrie  
1968       Max Williams  
1967       Max Williams  
1966       Max Williams  
1965       Bill Barrie  
1964       Bill Barrie  
1963       Frank Harris  
1962       Bill Barrie  
1961       Max Williams  
1960       Kevin Burles  
1959       Kevin Burles  
1958       Frank Harris  
1957       Warren Simpson  
1956       Bob Marshall  
1955       Ted Pickett  
1954       Warren Simpson  
1953       Warren Simpson  
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