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Latest Snooker News
Ronnie O’Sullivan: “The Mozart of snooker” by
Snooker legend Steve Davis has hailed five-time world champion Ronnie O’Sullivan as “the Mozart of snooker”, and admitted he couldn’t give the Rocket any advice.
Oceania Snooker Stars 2015 by
This year Club Marconi is once again hosting the South Pacific Open Snooker. It is actually the 10 year anniversary of the event and also marks 10 years of outstanding support by Club Marconi for Snooker and Billiards in both NSW and Australia.
Can Robertson And Calabrese Lift World Cup In China? by
The snooker World Cup takes place at the Wuxi Stadium in China in June, and there's plenty to be getting excited about for the Scotch doubles format tournament. Usually players grace the tables as individuals, flying only their own flag.
State Championships
State Championships
State Men's Snooker Championship Honour Board
Year Victoria New South Wales Queensland Western Australia South Australia
2012 Rudy Sulaeman Joe Minici Steve Burford Peter McCullagh James Delahunty
2011 Aaron Mahoney Glen Wilkinson Kurt Brown Peter McCullagh James Delahunty
2010 Steve Mifsud Tyson Crinis Phil Haycock Daniel Jones James Delahunty
2009 Steve Mifsud Paul Balzer Robbie Tibbs Daniel Jones P Darby
2008 James Mifsud Vinnie Calabrese Robbie Tibbs Matthew Bolton P Darby
2007 Steve Mifsud Glen Wilkinson Scott Smith Ben Judge Tad Babiak
2006 Aaron Mahoney Roger Farebrother Daniell Haenga Matthew Bolton Peter W Udycz
2005 Rob James Glen Wilkinson Daniell Haenga Ben Judge Mark Williams
2004 Aaron Mahoney Glen Wilkinson Steve Donohoe Paul Bunt James Delahunty
2003 Steve Mifsud Not Played Danik Lucas Daniel Jones James Delahunty
2002 Neil Robertson Glen Wilkinson Tony Lombardo  Ben Judge James Delahunty
2001 Neil Robertson Glen Wilkinson Tony Lombardo  Paul Bunt Frank H Dewens
2000 Andrew Hicks Glen Wilkinson Wayne Turpin Paul Bunt P J Reilly Jnr
1999 Johl Younger Glen Wilkinson Wayne Turpin Daniel Jones Adrian Campbell
1998 Steve Mifsud Not Played Tony Lombardo  Daniel Jones Peter W Udycz
1997 Steve Mifsud Stan Gorski Wayne Turpin Ben Judge Adrian Campbell
1996 Andrew Hicks Not Played Adrian Ashford Neville Lovis P J Reilly Jnr
1995 Stan Gorski Warren King   Ray Kelleher Warren King
1994 Andrew Hicks Warren King   Chris Carter Warren King
1993 Stan Gorski Stuart Lawler   Neville Lovis Adrian Campbell
1992 Stan Gorski Roger Farebrother   Chris Carter Adrian Campbell
1991 Stan Gorski Peter Hawkes   Chris Carter P J Reilly Jnr
1990 Garry Cullen Stan Gorski   Jim Bonner K W Mitchell
1989 Garry Cullen Stan Gorski   Jim Bonner Peter W Udycz
1988 Garry Cullen Stan Gorski   Barry Saxon G H Hubner
1987 Ron Atkins Geoff W Miller   Jim Bonner Frank H Dewens
1986 Stan Gorski Wally Potasznyk   Jim Bonner M C Bovington
1985 Stan Gorski Geoff W Miller   Barry Saxon Jim Bonner
1984 Ron Atkins Gary Lackenby   Adrian Campbell R Picca
1983 Robbie Foldvari Gary Lackenby   Adrian Campbell K W Mitchell
1982 Paul Formosa Warren King   Jim Bonner K W Mitchell
1981 John McKay John Campbell   Jim Bonner C Weir
1980 Robin Beggs Warren King   Bill Barrie R Dale
1979 Geoff Ganim Jr John Campbell   Jim Bonner R A MacDonald
1978 R McLass Frank Harris   Jim Bonner K W Mitchell
1977 Geoff Ganim Jr Geoff W Miller   Jim Bonner R A MacDonald
1976 Geoff Ganim Jr Geoff W Miller   Bill Barrie Max Williams
1975 F Thomas Frank Harris   Jim Bonner A Siokas
1974 R Thomas D Wheelwright   Ernest Clark Max Williams
1973 R McLass Frank Harris   Jim Bonner Max Williams
1972 R McLass Geoff W Miller   Jim Bonner Max Williams
1971 Harry Andrews Geoff W Miller   Jim Bonner Max Williams
1970 Harry Andrews C J Jeffery   Jim Bonner Max Williams
1969 Harry Andrews Frank Harris   Des Sexton W S Barrie
1968 Harry Andrews Ron Mares   Des Sexton Max Williams
1967 Harry Andrews Rex King     Max Williams
1966 R McLass Rex King     Max Williams
1965 A Cuffe Rex King     Max Williams
1964 R Ansell Rex King     Max Williams
1963 R Bagley Frank Harris     W S Barrie
1962 R McLass Frank Harris     W S Barrie
1961 R Bagley Les Mangelsdorf     Max Williams
1960 R Ansell N Gahan     B S Wilson
1959 R Bagley Frank Harris     Max Williams
1958 N Gahan Frank Harris     B S Wilson
1957 J McKain Warren Simpson     W H Saunders
1956 P Liiv Warren Simpson     F Bickmore
1955 Lance Pannell Warren Simpson     J H Harris
1954 T Cleary Eddie Charlton     J H Harris
1953 W Carter Warren Simpson     F Bickmore
1952 Lance Pannell Warren Simpson     J H Harris
1951 T Cleary A G Bull     R J Youlton
1950 W Carter J Callahan     J H Harris
1949   Les Mangelsdorf     J H Harris
1948   Eddie Charlton     J H Harris
1947 C Sinclair R Wright     J H Harris
1946   Les Mangelsdorf     R L Limmer
1945   Not Held     J H Harris
1944   Not Held     J H Harris
1943   Not Held     J H Harris
1942   Not Held     J H Harris
1941   Not Held     F Bickmore
1940   Not Held     L McKenzie
1939 E N Bracy Les Mangelsdorf     C C Hooper
1938   Les Mangelsdorf     R Mulroney
1937   H Robertson     H Johnson
1936   G Lofts     F Bickmore
1935 C Sinclair H Robertson     C C Hooper
1934 C Sinclair H Robertson     C C Hooper
1933   W Arnott     F K Stephens
1932   W Arnott     M J Hanley
1931   R Curr     M J Hanley
1930 W H Cater I R Henrys     M J Hanley
1929   D Lowrie (NZ)     M J Hanley
1928   L Hayes     Not Held
1927   H Gull     Not Held
1926   A Witer     Not Held
1925   Not Held     M J Hanley
1924   L Hayes     Not Held
1923   L Hayes      
1922   G Bell      
1921   G Bell      
1920   G Bell      
1919   Not Held      
1918   Not Held      
1917   Not Held      
1916   Not Held      
1915   Not Held      
1914 C J Lane H Rumball      
1913 C J Lane H Rumball      
1912 J Bastro C H Abel      
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